Wednesday, June 24, 2015

On Safari With Robbie and the Film Crew 23 June 2015

23 June 2015

Today we headed for Letaba with the intention of continuing the Mopani forests filming but as happens in the bush one can get very side tracked!

A herd of Impala in perfect morning light in amongst the colours green, yellow and red Mopani leaves was a bonus for the film crew!

Later on a visitor told us She had seen a leopard on a rocky outcrop which we didn't see but got brilliant audio of it's bark echoing through the valley!

A sighting which we filmed for 2 hours was a pair of Spotted Hyena which had brought down a young Impala female and we're each trying to get the royal share!

Finally after Mopani filming we started journeying in the direction of Phalaborwa gate on route to Naledi private game reserve which adjoins the Timbivati reserve which borders Kruger.

We left the sea of Mopani behind us and said goodbye to a fascinating ecosystem and hello to the new mixed savannah woodland area which occurs within 30 minutes of exiting Phalaborwa gate!

On safari at Naledi we tracked and found the very rare Black Rhino with her calf which sent the crew into total excitement mode!!!

The female and calf were the rarest species this documentary crew had filmed since beginning this world series (for Jungle Planet) nearly 3 years ago!!!!!

To film a Black Rhino for 55 minutes with superb visual is a rarity on its own!

For me personally it was my best Black Rhino sighting ever so far!

Today we are hopefully going to track some Cats!

We will be grateful for whatever comes our way!

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