Thursday, June 25, 2015

On Safari With Curtis 24 June 2015

24 June 2015

This morning had a very quiet start, in fact we had gone about 20km only seeing a few kudu.

Then we found our first highlight, 3 male cheetahs standing right next to the road. They had obviously had a good night as their bellies were bulging. Being the only vehicle we were able to follow them as they walked along keeping track of them as they edged further into the bush. We followed for about two kilometers before they settled down on top of a termite mound to digest whatever they had eaten.

Our second highlight happened at a nearby dam. Cats again!!! But this time lions. Four lionesses enjoying the warmth of the early morning sun.

What made this sighting more interesting was there sudden change of behavior.

Gone was the relaxed felines replaced by four crouching felines. The reason was a small herd of waterbuck who appeared and walked up to the dam. We thought the lions had been spotted as the waterbuck stood and stared at the exact spot where the lions were crouching.

Then an explosion of speed and the waterbuck fled followed by one of the lionesses.

The chase only lasted about fifty meters, 2-3 secs before the lioness gave up but it still was an incredible sight watching prey and predator at top speed. After their failed hunt it was time to climb back up on the dam wall and relax again.

Also seen today white rhino, elephants, bushbuck, tree squirrel, dwarf mongoose, impala, buffalo, slender mongoose.

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