Thursday, May 21, 2015

On Safari With Mark 18 - 20 May 2015

18 May 2015

Today we decided to go down to lower sabi for breakfast and this can be a very beautiful drive early Morning.

What an experience as we were driving along we came across a pride of lions (Young and Old). All lying around with bellies fat from a buffalo they had taken down.

The highlight for the afternoon drive was listening to the wind in the bush and identifying 21 bird species just stationary. One of the highlights of the safari is just to enjoy the magical sounds of the bush.

Other sights include: Impala, warthog, vervet, bushbuck, nyala, kudu, waterbuck, slender, dwarf and banded mongoose. Giraffe, hippos , crocs, rhinos, buffalo and elephant.

19 May 2015

Today we left camp as one of the first on the road and this paid off as we found 2 honey badgers scratching and digging. Eventually after a short while, what ever was in the hole, was pulled out and devoured by 2 very excited honey badgers. No sooner had the finished their meal it was off into the push on their little chirpy jog.

The following highlight must be the "rutting" taking place. Impala males are challenging each other around almost every corner and each time they get vocal we have a good chuckle as the males keep the ladies under close watch.

Other animals: warthog, steenbok, klipspringer, zebra, waterbuck, rhino, elephant, kudu, lions, leopard, wild dogs and many different bird species.

20 May 2015

Today we visited the most southern section of the park we can visit, achieving the "north to south" title.

On the way south we found 2 male lion, bellies full and lying sleeping. After showing other cars it was off to the Malelane gate where Bill and Nancy got great photos of hippos and crocs at the most soybean section.

This means at both the North TIP we photographed Crocs and the most Southern TIP we did the same.

One other highlight was to spot and show Bill the tiger fish in our rivers as he has a very large passion for fly fishing.

Other seen: Impala, kudu, blue wildebeest, giraffe, waterbuck, zebra, warthog, common duiker, steenbok, buffalo, rhinos and elephant.

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