Wednesday, May 6, 2015

On Safari With Karen 5 May 2015

5 May 2015

Last night two of the guests went on a sundowner. Apart from a lovely sunset with some Amarula, they also saw a hyena, a buffalo, scrub hares and some elephants close to the gate.

Then this morning we left on our first morning safari. It was still a bit chilly when we encountered our first animals of today: a white rhino mother and her baby. She was a bit wary so she decided to take flight and we left her in peace.

One of our highlights was a visit to Transport Dam. Here we saw many different animals: a crocodile sunning himself, showing exactly all the tips and tricks at his disposal to have the optimum body temperature, blacksmith lapwings, a fish eagle, three (!) secretary birds (a rare sighting), two sadle-billed storks (also a rare sighting), lots of waterbucks, Egyptian geese and hippos.

The afternoon was all about the leopard cubs we saw. When we started our afternoon game drive we had gotten a tip from a fellow guide and we drove straight to the location where he had seen them last. And lucky us, they were still up in a tree. We saw two cubs of the mother that had three last October hanging out. One was a bit more sleepy then the other as she didn't move much. But its brother or sister was a little more active.

First she would climb down the tree and disappear out of sight. Then a little later she would climb back up and started to play with her brother or sister. But she didn't budge so both of them went to snooze for a bit. A little while later though she got restless again and once again got up and moved to play with her brother or sister. Again no such luck, but being awake she decides to jump some branches and lie down in full view for everyone to see. It gave some great photo opportunities for all.

Other animals seen: plenty of impalas, kudus including a nice kudu bull, Cape glossy starling, tree agama, side-striped skink, small herd of buffalos, giraffes, glimpse of a lion, crested barbet, leopard tortoise, steenbok, bateleurs, martial eagle, tree squirrels, a pair of common grey duikers, warthogs, zebras, lilac breasted rollers and plenty of elephants.

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