Monday, May 4, 2015

On Safari With Karen 30 April 2015 and 1 May 2015

30 April 2015

This morning we packed up again and left Pretoriuskop to go back to Nkambeni at the end of today's safari. But first it was game drive time! Soon after we left the gates we saw an elephant herd crossing the road.

We did encounter a large herd of sable today which is always a great find and had some awesome close encounters with elephants. But we had the most fun watching animals interact at a dam. This time a baby hippo came out of the water to greet some buffalos that were lounging there on the waters edge. He came out all happy and bouncing as if to say "I am a hippo, what are you?" Unfortunately for this young one the buffalo was in no mood to play. The grumpy old man gave him one angry look and then completely ignored the baby hippo. The mum decided that was enough and called her baby who then bounced back into the water. But not for long as soon after he crept out slowly again and got closer and closer to the buffalo. He was almost so close he could touch the buffalo, when mum got angry and got up to get her baby back. He then ran back to her as if caught in the act of doing something naughty!

In the afternoon we set off to visit Shitlhave Dam where we sat for hours and watch the world go by. The world included lots of elephants, plenty of waterbucks, a fish eagle, buffalos, blacksmith lapwings, impalas, a grey heron, Egyptian geese, a crocodile out of the water and a hippo in the water.

Other interesting sightings: ground hornbills, kudus, impalas, waterbucks, wildebeests, African fish eagle, white-breasted cormorants, green-backed heron, many giraffes and zebras.

1 May 2015

Unfortunately today was already our last safari day, but. We went out with a bang.

As today we came across another leopard! First it was standing high in a tree doing a balancing act looking left and right. Then it was turning around on this very small branch of the tree and looking around on the other side. Apparently she didn't find what she was looking for as she then climbed down the tree.  We lost visual of her in the long grass. But we were hoping she might come out so we kept an eye on the road in front and waited with baited breath. And we were in luck as she did indeed come out of the grass and crossed the road in front of us, giving my guests some wonderful photo opportunities.

Secondly we came across lots of elephants this morning, wondering around, munching trees, crossing the road in front of us, having a drink at the dam and one very boisterous one was picking a fight with some waterbucks. All in all good fun to watch!

Other interesting sightings: three families of klipspringers (our new animal of today), white rhinos, impalas (even on day five we were still taking pictures), kudus with some real handsome fellas in the group, zebras, wooly necked storks, an African fish eagle being mobbed, buffalos, common grey duiker, a hippo and a warthog.

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