Thursday, May 28, 2015

On Safari With Karen 27 May 2015

27 May 2015

Another split day as some of us went on a bushwalk this morning. Summarized it meant they found zebra tracks, but no zebra; leopard tracks but no leopard; elephant tracks but no elephant; they did come across some impala in the distance and they now can tell you a lot about all kinds of poop. Or as some of the guests stated: "you know your shit!" 

As the rest of us was out on our last morning drive of this safari, it was great to find a new sighting. Especially since one of the guests really wanted to see them: hyenas.

After a call on the radio from Curtis we made our way there and were lucky upon arrival as two of them were wondering around in the road.

It did get even better as we hang around while others continued as two hyenas started fighting over a bone. This tibia of most likely a kudu looked like a fresh bone of a meal they recently had and was one of the last leftover bits. Three youngsters were lying around to see if they would get lucky for a bite, but this one hyena had enough of all the beggers. She picked up the bone and walked straight across the road in front of us and hid away on the other side. One brave youngster sniffed her out and followed the exact same path as the hyena with the bone, following her (or the bone's more likely) scent.

After watching these ladies for a while one by one they hid in the long grass for some sleep and we had to return to the lodge.

Other interesting sightings: an elephant bull in must (we smelled him before we saw him) and a couple more elephants, lovely white rhinos with a youngster, lots of zebras, kudus and last but not least: impalas.

As all of our guests were leaving today it was a full car back to Nelspruit, where we said goodbye to Sonia and Michael, as well as Maruti and Mevil, who would continue their holidays in Cape Town. And to Simon who would fly back home. It had been a pleasure being your safari guide, thanks to all for joining us!

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