Tuesday, May 26, 2015

On Safari With Karen 25 May 2015

25 May 2015

Last night's sundowner drive rendered sightings of scrub hares, elephants, a buffalo and some unidentified bucks. Then there were guests on a bushwalk this morning where they met elephants up close, saw zebras and impalas and could stand on a termite mound. After their walk, unfortunately it was goodbye for John, Jocelyn and Adrian, who would travel on to Cape Town. It was lovely meeting you, and next time we will have to drive in the north to show you a live baobab!

But in the meantime we were also on a morning drive and afternoon drive. It was fun seeing how different species of animals interact, or the lack thereof this time.

While we were watching some buffalo bulls waking up and starting to graze, a kudu bull came walking past. From the five buffalos only two looked up slightly to look at the kudu. One buffalo that was watching us, didn't look anywhere else and the other two just didn't care either way. As for the kudu, he just walked by, grazing here and there, neither looking at us nor the buffalos that he was now only about 5 meter away from.

We also saw two elephant bulls showing how they completely pulverize and diminish a Marula tree to hardly anything. The pushed and pulled, broke branches in pieces and munched on all the little bits until only half the original tree was left.

And all that with lots of breaking noises and stretching moves as well as continuous grinding of their teeth!

Other interesting sightings: Southern ground hornbills, a giraffe walking in front of the car at a slow pace for about 4km, zebras, warthogs, a herd of buffalo, lion, a crocodile sunning with open mouth, a hippo bobbing up and down in his dam, a herd of elephants as well as more bulls hanging out, plenty impalas, kudus with their beautiful horns and waterbucks.

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