Monday, May 18, 2015

On Safari With Karen 16 May 2015

16 May 2015

After the exhilarating game drives yesterday, we knew we had to settle for a little less excitement today. Still, we had a great drive in the morning. We spotted a hyena mum with a very disobedient pup. We couldn't tell if it was hers or if she was just the babysitter. It looked like they were waiting for the others to return, hopefully with some meat. But no others came. To be safe though, or because it was already past bedtime, the mother kept on growling at the pup to go back into the den.

However the adventurous pup had different plans and kept on coming out again. It was a nice sighting!

At the end of our morning drive we had to say goodbye to Rebecca and Jennifer who are flying back home tonight. Sorry we didn't see a giraffe closer, but I hope you had a great time nonetheless! It was fun having you on safari with us!

The afternoon safari was rather dull. It was still very hot and therefore most animals were still hiding away in the shade somewhere. We saw the occasional white rhino and elephant and lots of impalas, but mostly just trees and grass.

Other animal sightings included vervet monkeys, a herd of buffalo crossing, a solo elephant, many white rhinos including a mother and calf, a glimpse of a lion crossing, a crocodile sunning himself, a hippo, waterbucks, plenty of kudus and even more impalas, zebras, baboons, and loads of terrapins warming up in the sun. Oh and we got caught by surprise when a wild dog ran across the road, but didn't manage to find it back in the high grass.

Birds we saw today included a saddle-billed stork, Egyptian geese, Cape glossy starling drinking from a puddle, a black stork, two separate sightings of ground hornbills, dark chanting goshawks, a hoopoe and three fish eagles in total.

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