Friday, May 1, 2015

On Safari With Curtis 29 April 2015

29 April 2015

Today we were rewarded with some great sightings throughout the day. Picking two is quite challenging!!!

Our first highlight was a crash of three rhino close to the road. All three equal in size they were busy play fighting, pushing and shoving each other trying to work out their place in life. We were able to spend plenty time watching as they worked things out.

Our second sighting was a group of male elephants who slowly made their way towards us and eventually crossing the road in front of us. We managed to get some great shots of these giants and were also then spoiled with the sudden appearance of two hyena.

Also seen were impala, kudu, waterbuck, warthog, zebra, giraffe, steenbok, common duiker, hippo, crocodile, vervets, leopard, a huge herd of buffalo and two lion sightings, one of which was an incredible sighting.

Birds seen today lappet faced vulture, white backed vulture,  secretary bird, yellow-billed stork, grey heron, cape-glossy starling, pied kingfisher, hadeda ibis, verreauxs eagle owl, grey headed hornbills,  yellow-billed hornbills and red-billed hornbills, red-billed oxpeckers,  bataleurs, tawny eagle and African fish eagle.

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