Thursday, May 28, 2015

On Safari With Curtis 27 May 2015

27 May 2015

The final day of this tour and we set out on one final morning drive, a drive which turned out to be just as great as the previous days.

Our first highlight of the day was a new animal and one the guests wanted to see. We came upon a lovely hyena sighting with approximately 15 hyenas seen during the sighting. These had obviously made a kill during the night as the smell of death hung in the area and a posse of hyena were busy eating the scraps of their catch.  One by one each hyena would leave the group, walk towards our vehicle and either cross the road in front or behind of us. We really were spoilt as we spent forty minutes watching this very under rated carnivore.

Our second highlight of the day came as the drive was coming to an end and again it was a new animal for this tour.

As we drove along the road we came across a leopard sighting. A male leopard lying on the sand in the river bed and right next to him was a female leopard. We had stumbled upon a mating pair. We sat in a prime viewing position and waited to see if we would see any action and it wasn't long before we did. The female stood up. and started to move up and down the male. Swishing her tail in his face, up and down several times before sitting down right in front of him. At this moment the male got up mounted the female and mated her. His reward was a few snarls from her as well as a swift clout from her paw as he got off her.

We sat at this sighting for about an hour watching the female repeat her seduction of the male. Three times he succumbed to such flirtation but on many other occasions he just couldn't be bothered. It was slightly amusing to watch her seductive dancing only for the male not to even budge an inch.

Then sadly time restrictions meant we had to leave this extraordinary sighting and head to the airport.

During the rest of the drive we saw cape buffalo, elephants, white rhino, lion, giraffe, warthog, kudu, zebra, wildebeest, impala and baboons.

Then it was time to say goodbye to Zsofia and Paul and also to Melville and Maruti who by pure coincidence are both going to Cape Town to carry on their adventure around South Africa.

It had been a great few days on safari with you all, we have had some incredible sighting and I am glad you saw everything you wanted to. This is a tour that I most definitely will not forget!!! Cheers guys.

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  1. The one male had the antelopes head in its mouth clearly demonstrating the antelopes distinctive straight horns! He was not letting go of his prize possession or sharing it!!!