Monday, March 16, 2015

On safari With Curtis 15 March 2015

15 March 2015

This morning was the final day of this tour and we had one final morning drive. We were once again spoiled with a number of very close encounters.

The first was at a hyena den, we had seen a couple of hyena at the den yesterday but today we hit the jackpot!!

We counted fifteen in total with about nine laying around the den entrance with the others wandering around nearby.

Only second highlight was a series of sightings which all happened within a kilometer of each other.

We had heard about a lion sighting and as we arrived there we saw a little gathering of vehicles at the sighting.

However we never got to the sighting as just a short distance from it we found a male and female lion right next to the road. We had this pair all to our self for a while before the female walked off across the road with the male in close pursuit.

Shortly after leaving the lions and managing to work our way through the melee of vehicles now here we moved on and came across a group of large bull elephants. We parked the mova and waited as one walked straight up to us , faced us head on and watched us as we watched him. There was probably no more than a meter between us before he decided we were no threat and he moved away.

If these last two sighting weren't enough just fifty meters from the elephant sighting and a female lion walked out in front of us and decided to walk down the road with us in pursuit. We followed her for about five minutes before she moved into the bush ending an incredible spell of sightings.
Also seen today were warthog, kudu, impala, zebra, vervets, buffalo, rhino, steenbok and hippos.

Birds seen include saddle billed stork, dark chanting goshawk, hamerkops, oxpeckers, grey headed hornbills and many more.

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