Tuesday, January 20, 2015

On Safari With Curtis: 19 January 2015

19 January 2015 

This morning, an early start we found our first great sighting fairly quickly. As we came around a bend we found three white rhino having a rest on the side of the road. On hearing us arrive the largest one stood up immediately and tried to suss out what this new arrival was while the other two just stayed lying down. We watched for about ten minutes before they had had enough and moved away. A lovely start to the day and it was not to be the last rhino that we saw today. In fact we saw a total of sixteen rhinos including a second very special sighting where we, again, found them on or around the road. This time a crash of six, five very close and the sixth further in the bush. Again we spent a good ten minutes with this group as they watched and listened before finally deciding we were nothing to fear and went about there business.

During the day we saw many other species including buffalo, elephant, hippo, lion, hyena, impala, Waterbuck, kudu, giraffe, warthog with piglets, steenbok, common duiker, vervet monkey, zebra, wildebeest, slender and dwarf mongoose, leopard tortoise and an array of birdlife including rollers, starling, spurfowl, guinea fowl and eagles to name just a few.

This afternoon the guests went on their sunset drive where they saw, possibly, the days best highlight in the shape of two leopard cubs. The cubs are part of the trio which we had seen last year who have now reappeared and have grown considerably in the last four months.

As well as this fantastic sighting they saw ellies, buffalo, rhino, lots of general game and a crocodile.

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