Monday, October 10, 2016

On Safari With Mark From 6 October 2016

6 October 2016

This morning we set off back to Kruger after spending some quality time at the rehabilitation center and both clients understanding what we doing for each species here in SA.

We had a full day ahead as we drive south searching for different animals.

Our 2 highlights happened to be in the late afternoon whereby we found a male leopard that had just caught a bushbuck and had started opening it up to remove the entrails. We sat watching this for approximately 30min and as time was an issue we had to move on. This after he had dragged the antelope closer to the base of a marola tree. I was pretty sure that it would drag it up into the tree but unfortunately we couldn't stay any longer.

The second highlight was on our return to camp, we found a herd of Sable. This was fantastic and guests could get great photos of the last sunshine on their bodies. With the soft lights it was a really "Out of Africa" experience and I'm sure many memories of this great trip will be remembered.

7 October 2016

Unfortunately only enough time for 1 highlight as we had to drop the guests for their travels back to JHB.

This didn't stop me for looking for the 3 male Cheetah . Imagine my surprise when the road I was traveling on had the 3 brothers and since Cristina had arrived it was one animal she desperately wanted to see. This was a fantastic way to end the safari and although they were a bit far from the road, we still achieved what we wanted to do.

So with proud title holders of the magnificent 7 it was time to return them to JHB for flights back to Switzerland.

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