Wednesday, October 5, 2016

On Safari With Mark 4 October 2016

4 October 2016

What a great day and had some fantastic sighting.

It's amazing, how many elephants we saw today. It all started off, as we drove out of our camp and found two massive elephant bulls on the road standing eating. What's amazing is the amount of time they took to strip small branch and eat only the bark. Such small pieces feeding the 5ton beast, we had to laugh as it took the time to enjoy it's small meal.

Further to this was one of the last sightings for the day where we found 6 lioness and 2 cubs lying sleeping in the riverbed. All looked healthy irrespective of the drought we are currently experiencing. 1 lioness decided to wake up and move into some late afternoon sun and while doing this, her little cub woke up and watched mom walk away. With very little on his/her mind, it just politely flopped over and carried on sleeping.

Over all, my clients are very happy with what we have seen and look forward to the visit to the rehabilitation center tomorrow.

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