Friday, October 28, 2016

On Safari With Kara From 24 October 2016

24 October 2016

I picked up my guests in White River and made our way to Nkambeni, the camp inside Kruger right by the Numbi Gate.

We started off our first safari with a afternoon drive. Having found some Elephants, Impalas and Buffalos before we passed through Numbi got us all very excited about the time to follow. Our drive could not have disappointing as we saw Elephants and Rhinos close to a watering hole and a crocodile sleeping on the sand nearby. A pair of bateleurs followed us out of the park this evening as we headed for camp.

25 October 2016

After an early start with the sun covered by a few clouds whom we were very grateful for we spotted our first cat. A male lion sleeping a few meters from the road. With a big beautiful mane. Imagining all different ways to take down an impala by the watering hole.

A hyena also made a surprise visit at the vehicle making sure we are no threat.

Later that afternoon we were joined by two guests from Luxembourg. They really did bring the luck. We finally got a nice look at two warthogs trotting next to the road tails up and ready to duck. A big elephant bull pulling a few branches of a Marula tree and then later a Sable sleeping and keeping an eye out for intruders. Two blue headed igamas were enjoying the last sun up on a termite mound.

26 October 2016

Our last day to see all the bush had to offer we spotted a few new species. Quite a few Marabou stalks in the water and on the sand bank of the Sabie River and a Sandpiper searching for fish.

My favorite was watching a big herd of elephants trying to squeeze underneath a tree to sleep all with trunks hanging on the ground. That was not the only first for me but also this morning I saw the smallest Vervet Monkey I had ever seen hanging for dear life as the Mother is Sucking sap from an Accacia Tree,

A family of Dwarf mongoose ended our drive following by a Congress of Baboons spread out in between snacking on seeds.

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