Wednesday, October 12, 2016

On Safari With Gert 11 October 2016

11 October 2016

This afternoon we started a new Safari with Anthony and Julia from Australia. After a quick lunch stop at a nearby camp, we set off to our destination for the next 3 nights.

As it was a very hot day - about 38 degrees - we weren't expecting a great deal of animal activity for the first part, however, we were very lucky at a small waterhole to find a young male lion lying on the edge of the clearing in a shady spot, keeping a eye on some nearby Impala. Upon our arrival 2 very impressive Elephant bulls came walking out towards the water, passing within 10 meters of the lion, which suddenly tried to look very inconspicuous! The Elephants paid it no attention and proceeded to drink their fill and also have a good splash to cool down. They slowly moved off to feed, followed by 6 younger bulls, considerably less happy with the presence of the lion than the older bulls! The lion eventually thought it a good idea to move away slightly and found some thicker cover and more shade a few meters further in, adding to the distress of a Giraffe which was surveying the scene from close by. However the lion got very comfortable in its new shady spot and we eventually left the sighting happy with a great start to the Safari!

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