Thursday, September 29, 2016

On safari With Robbie 28 September 2016

28 September 2016

Todays first top sighting was literally the first species seen which was a beautiful male Leopard surveying the savannah from a large Leadwood tree!! Incredibly so we had this beauty for ourselves for 20 minutes as most vehicles chose an alternative route!! The large male literally stretched and yawned several times allowing for perfect photos!!!

Within 25 minutes there were 30 plus vehicles at the scene so we moved off!

Later in the day our second best location occurred near Matekenyane hill where we came across a mating Lion pair!

The Lioness however showed zero interest in her male when we were there and at one stage literally attacked the keen big male in mid air when he tried to mate allowing yet again for incredible photos for our very enthusiastic Israeli guests!

On a day where all 3 super predators of Kruger were spotted i.e. 1)Lion 2)Hyena and 3) Leopard we also saw a solitary female Wild dog who was busy trying to den her new born pups which we unfortunately couldn’t get a glimpse of!!

Elephant and Buffalo herds were prolific as well as general game!!

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