Thursday, September 29, 2016

On Safari With Kara From 26 September 2016

26 September 2016

My two Argentinean guests and I headed out early on our first drive together from Numbi gate.

The morning started out a bit cold but nothing could have warmed us up as much as a clan of hyenas in the road with a few tiny brown coated babies investigating with mom and sniffing our vehicle. After coming to the conclusion that the safari vehicle is not edible they moved along. Not far down the road we were welcomed by a wonderful sunrise with giraffes and our favorite sighting of the day a big herd of sable crossing the road and grazing nearby.

Later we visited a Dam in the area and got a peak at hippos getting out of the water to lie down on the sand bank and warm up.

Because the day wasn’t so warm yet they were able to enjoy 2 lionesses in the open doing what they do best sleeping close to the road blissfully unaware of us sitting watching them.

The afternoon drive we found some Elephants whom we watched while busy being their destructive self and pushing over trees.

Impalas were everywhere to be seen with Red billed oxpeckers on their back removing ticks.

All in all our first day was very rewarding.

27 September 2016

Today we planned on doing a different area of the park and drive around the Sabie and Sand river in hope to find a few water birds and crocs.

We managed to find a lot of both. We got a few Crocodiles, a Grey heron, Galiath heron, Wooly necked stalk and the best allot of Marabou Storks which was also the last of the ugly five for us to find.

Baboons and Vervet Monkey entertained us for hours playing, fighting and sorting out family disputed while in Weaping Boebeans eating the seeds and new growths.

Our day ended with a Mother and Calf White rhino grazing along which was very special with the species rapid decline.

28 September 2016

We checked out of camp and after breakfast started our last drive as a team.

Everything on our last drive was just the cherry on the cake, from elephants to zebras to waterbuck, reedbuck and kudus everywhere but what we didn’t expect was the Leopard resting on a big rock overlooking his territory. And more not even 500m further, on Napi Boulders 3 lions we lying under a bush.

All in all we didn’t expect much and were rewarded to with soo much. Taking our time looking at little Blue Headed Agamas to Steenboks not just chasing after big species. Which is the key to coming on a safari.

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