Thursday, August 11, 2016

On Safari With Mark From 9 August 2016

9 August 2016

After receiving my Clients at Nelspruit airport, we set off for the Kruger to overnight at Berg en Dal.

One of the highlights for the afternoon drive happened literally 100m from the gate, when a herd of elephants walked out over the road on their way to water. Amazing to sit and watch these graceful creatures as they ambled along, looking after their young while crossing the road.

After this we spotted 10 buffalo Bulls together, just lying enjoying the late afternoon sun. Once we had great photos, we drove into camp where my clients could enjoy a stroll around the perimeter fence.

10 August 2016

While loading luggage at the camp my guests called me and asked for me to take a photo of them. I didn't quiet know what the rush was, but after agreeing and walking to them, I found them against the perimeter fence with 2 large elephant bulls literally 5m away from them.

This was a great shot and both were happy as it was 1 animal that they came to Africa to see.

Our following highlight was of 2 male lions that were spotted sleeping after an early morning stroll. Eventually, these two looked up and got up and walked parallel with the road. Guests got great photos of these 2 senior males.

On our way to camp, we received a tip from the public about 2 cheetah. Although quiet a distance from the road, both picked their heads up every now and then providing distant but nice photo opportunities.

With happy moods we booked into our camp for the rest of the safari.

Guests on sundown drive this afternoon.

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