Friday, June 24, 2016

On Safari With Mark From 21 June 2016

21 June 2016
On the first night of safari, the weather changed drastically and I believe had an impact on the game viewing. Although really quiet, the guests did spot a huge elephant bull and were able to spend time with him as he moved slowly towards the road. Entertaining our guests as he shook his head and continuously pointed his trunk in their direction. After coming right up to the vehicle, he moved across the road and head on his way in search of more to eat.
22 June 2016
As we had limited time with our clients we set off at 6am which proved to be to early as very little was spotted in the first hour of the drive. As soon as the sun touched the grass, it started to improve with General animals been spotted.
Although the sun disappeared behind the clouds, we were in for a good drive and found Rhino, elephant, buffalo, Lions and leopard before we stopped at camp for a coffee break.
Quiet a crazy day as we then continued to drive around looking for more and found yet another set of Lions, Leopard, buffalo, rhino and elephant. Together with the general game that we spotted, this had to be a good day in anyone's books.
One of the highlights was at the Hyena den, we watched how sub- adults removed the number plate from a visitors car and carry it off with them towards the den.
Each one trying to get a chance to hold the number plate as a trophy.
23 June 2016
This was our last morning and seen all we did yesterday we decided just to relax and drive around looking at landscapes, vegetation and animal spoor's. Then it was time to bid the Kruger Park farewell and head for the airport where the tour was completed by a warm Goodbye.

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