Wednesday, April 13, 2016

On Safari With Gert 12 April 2016

12 April 2016

Setting out early this morning, we witnessed yet another spectacular African sunrise painting the sky red!

The first animal we saw was a large Buffalo bull, wandering down the road, glancing back at us over his shoulder every now and then, in no mood to be hurried along!

We then received word of Cheetah spotted further along in our intended direction of travel, however, they had apparently moved into the bush. Since we haven't found any Cheetah on this Safari yet, we decided to check it out anyway. Arriving at the site where they were last seen, we stopped and scanned the area far a while with no luck. We then decided to turn back for about a kilometer and do a slow drive back to the same area. Very shortly after turning back again in the original direction, the 3 Cheetah brothers came walking out of the long grass right next to us! The one jumped straight up into the fork of a Marula tree to survey the surroundings while the other 2 carried on down the road. He then jumped down again to join them and we followed them down the road for a few hundred meters as they scent marked the bushes and road signs along the way, at one point 2 of them lay down in the road in shady spots while the 3rd got on top of a road sign for a vantage point and more scent marking! A brilliant sighting and great experience to watch them for as long as we did!

About 10 km further down the road we found a Leopard sleeping in a shady spot in a large drainage line. We then stopped off for breakfast at a nearby camp and had a visit from a large Nile Monitor below the deck we were on. After breakfast, heading back along a different road, we found our 2nd Leopard for the morning! This one had just killed an Impala and was lying with its kill at the base of a thick tree! The Impala was still intact as the Leopard was still catching its breath and contemplating what to do with the carcass; i.e take it up a tree or feed right there... We watched for a while as it lay there licking the Impala, but then decided to make our way back to camp, as by that time the vehicles had started building up significantly - what a great morning for the spotted cats!

After some siesta time back at camp, we headed back out for a short afternoon drive during which we found a large Kudu bull with an impressive set of horns, browsing very close to the vehicle as well as 2 adult bull Elephants leisurely grazing in tall grassland under a huge Fig tree.

A brilliant sunset signaled the end to another memorable day on Safari!

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