Tuesday, March 8, 2016

On Safari With Mark From 6 March 2016

6 March 2016

So after collecting my 2 new visitors, we set off for our camp Pretoriuskop. As it was the heat of the day not much was around and we decided to check in early and go out once it started cooling off.

On our afternoon drive we spotted a lovely herd of elephant playing around in the natural mud pan. Funny to watch as they lay down and rolled around, coating their bodies with mud. While we watch this so out popped a buffalo bull and also lay down in the muddy water to cool off. This just goes to show that very little water is left in the area and that animals are now having to search for wet areas or man made water holes to fulfill their needs. I suspect that this is going to be a long and hard winter for the animals.

Further to this we spotted general game throughout our drive and ending it off with a lovely Journey of giraffe around one acacia tree, enjoying all the sweet leaves.

7 March 2016

Early morning drive was initially a lot of fog restricting our vision however this seemed to lift just at the right time as we spotted 2 male lions in the distance just lying looking out over the plains. After a while one got up and moved out of sight towards taller trees where I presume they will spend the day. Will go back to have a look later and see if we find them. Maybe they come out into the open.

Great to have found 4 rhino on our return to camp and guests happy that we could get out of the real heat of the day. Before we could do that we, stopped off at the gate to collect 2 new comers on our safari. We will see what we spot this afternoon as we set out at 15:30.

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