Tuesday, March 29, 2016

On Safari With Gert From 28 March 2016

28 March 2016

After a good breakfast we departed on our first morning drive of this Safari, with 6 guests from Dubai. Already early on it was evident that today will be a hot one as even the Impala were already hiding in the thick shady spots.

It was an exceptional morning as far as Giraffe go and we found at first a solitary female and later on 2 different journeys of Giraffe. We got some very good views of them feeding and also one very large bull staring off into the distance, something they are very good at considering their high vantage point and good eyesight. We also found a mixed group of Giraffe and Zebra together and it is always a crowd favorite seeing these 2 unique creatures together!

We also had a few good Elephant sightings throughout the course of the morning and although some were quite far, we did encounter a small breeding herd crossing the road in front of our vehicle, as well as a few young males, solitary or in small groups, feeding quite close to the road.

Halfway through the morning we stopped for a short refreshment break at a nearby camp after which we went towards a nearby waterhole. A few hundred meters from the waterhole we found 2 very full lionesses basking in the dappled shade of a small Marula tree on top of a granite outcrop. The combination of the heat and their full bellies meant that they weren't going anywhere fast and although one rolled over, the most movement we got was the odd flick of an ear or tail...

Shortly before getting back to camp for lunch and some relaxing time we also encountered the first rhino of the day, a large bull White Rhino who had just had a good mud bath, in the shade of an Acacia tree.

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