Thursday, March 17, 2016

On Safari With Gert 16 March 2016

16 March 2016

After an early breakfast we left for our morning Game Drive, again in a faint drizzle.

It didn't last very long however, although it remained cloudy for a large part of the morning.

We had some good general game sightings early on and then found 1 quite large Spotted Hyena on the move close to its den site. It came out onto the road, walking in front of our vehicle for some time, sniffing the breeze for the scent of its companions, or perhaps something to eat! Eventually it turned back in the direction it came from and disappeared down the den.

A little while later we came across a few vehicles parked on the side of the road and saw what they were all looking at, at least 6 lions lying flat under a tree about 50 meters off the road, our first cats of the Safari! They were very lazy, as is so often the case with lion, but we got a good view when one got up to change position and the others rolling over or lifting their heads every now and then. There was an adult male lying a few meters away from the rest of the pride and we could see his head and face quite well through a gap in the trees!

Arguably the highlight was a small breeding herd of Elephants, 4 in total, which might have been a mother with her 3 offspring. The youngest was about a year old and very playful. They came out and crossed the road in front of us, the youngster running back and forth and charging at some vehicles with its ears out, trying its best to look scary, while its mom was watching closely from where she was browsing next to the road. Eventually a large bus approached and the 2 youngest took off into the bush, followed by their mum, while the other, a teenage male, had no interest in their antics and was in no hurry to chase after them!

After lunch and some pool time back at camp we went for a late afternoon drive during which we found a magnificent Sable Antelope bull grazing in a patch of moist grassland, accompanied by a waterbuck bull and small herds of Impala and Kudu.

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