Thursday, March 3, 2016

On Safari With Amanda From 2 March 2016

2 March 2016

A beautifully cool morning in the Kruger as we set off for our morning drive.. mist covering the koppies and giving us an eerie feeling as we drove, visibility was quite bad but gave us great photo opportunities. 

We headed towards Skukuza the sun breaking through, we soon spotted a family of elephants along the way with a young elephant playing with his older siblings, very entertaining to see!

An update came in of lions at Watergat, quite a drive but plenty to see along the way, a rhino sleeping 20 meters from the road, lilac breasted rollers , impalas and zebras.

We arrived at the lion sighting and counted 15 including a few young ones, impalas alarm called as they came to drink and spotted the lions who were not interested in moving for anything.
We spent an hour watching them, do what lions do best, sleep!!!

After a visit to Skukuza for coffee we headed back to camp, temperatures expected to rise to 39° today. We saw a few cars lined up on the way and there roughly 100 m in was a cheetah! Very difficult to spot but my guests managed to see it!

We sat for a while enjoying the cheetah but eventually lost visual and headed home.

One quick loop before home and there lying gracefully was the young male leopard, completely unfazed by our presence he sat up and watched us! Always a beautiful animal to see, and when one is so relaxed even better!

A short afternoon drive gave us beautiful landscape viewing opportunities as we watched the African sun dip slowly on the horizon. 

Another fantastic day in the Kruger Park

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