Friday, February 12, 2016

On Safari With Mark From 9 February 2016

9 February 2016

So after collecting my guests we set off for the Safari. On our trip down, one of my Ladies had been on 3 safaris but no leopard.

After checking in, we set off and drove straight to a phenomenal leopard sighting with 2 youngsters lying on a Rock. After sitting with these 2 for over an hour, we new they had to move, which ultimately rewarded us with a fantastic sighting of a leopard hunting a Banded Mongoose successfully. The drive proved to be great with many different elephant sightings as well as buffalo.

10 February 2016

We headed out of camp on a mission! To find a Rhino but as luck would have it none found for the day. Although no rhino, we had some fantastic sightings and one of the highlights need to be the Secretary Bird walking along side the road looking for its prey.

Brilliant Ellie's on the road with all been totally relaxed and comfortable with our presence. Guests got some great photos of these massive beasts.

Time could be spent with all the general animals such as Zebra, Giraffe, Kudu, warthog and many other more.

We were once again called by a college and informed that the leopards were back and so as we weren't very far away, we responded. We spotted the young female as she moved into tall grass and away on her own.

11 February 2016

Once again we set out on a early morning drive and approximately 10min into the drive, had the most Amazing sighting of White Rhino crossing the rd. 4 adults and 1 calf crossed from North to South.

Our last highlight for this tour was as we were on our way out. This highlight was in the form of VIN Diesel (Largest Male Leopard in South). Spotted lying in a marola tree enjoying himself. He eventually got up and walked into thick bush leaving us with nothing but really good photos and memories.

Off to pick up new guests.

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