Thursday, February 4, 2016

On safari With Mark from 1 February 2016

1 February 2016

At KMIA airport, I picked up our new clients after a 24 hrs delay by the airlines.

So with exhausted but enthusiastic people on board we headed up to Kruger.

After entering through Phabeni Gate we started a late afternoon drive towards our first overnight camp, Skukuza.

On our way there we spotted many different animals and before reaching camp had rhino, elephant and buffalo cross over the road in front of us and although I couldn't understand the language, it was obvious that my Chinese clients were very happy with what they were looking at.

The best sighting for my clients were the 7 giraffe together around a common sweet thorn. None of them paid us attention and great photos with the sunset could be taken. Although we would of loved to stay longer, we had to continue the drive for gate closing.

2 February 2016

We exited skukuza and headed North knowing well that we had a great distance to travel. Excited, we packed the bags and set off. Although many general animal sighting together with the Rhino, Elephant and Buffalo. My guests secretly wanted to see a "Cat". Usually this "Jinxes" the car and you see nothing, however we got to spot a Male leopard lying in the shade of a lead wood tree. Spent some time with Mr, and all of a sudden like on cue - he got up and moved off into thicket. I say this as by 10:00 we still hadn't stopped for coffee.

After breakfast we headed further North, were we had a phenomenal sighting of 2 male cheetah right next to the road, lying in the shade of a marola tree. Every now and then, one would get up and move around the base of the tree to where the shade was.

With very happy people on board we moved onto Letaba, our camp for 2 nights.

Guests visited the elephant museum and had a relaxing late afternoon drink on their verandah, recharging for tomorrow.

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