Thursday, February 4, 2016

On Safari With Gert 3 February 2016

3 February 2016

As we had some of our guests checking out this morning, as well as getting some new arrivals, we set out early on a short morning drive before breakfast.

We started off on a high note, as barely 500 meters out of camp we noticed something in the road in front of us - Wild dogs, 4 of them! They were trotting down the road, but then settled down, 2 in the road and 2 just about 5 meters off the road.

One of the dogs had a very fresh scar around  the neck, where a snare had been removed. An anti-poaching success story as these animals are critically endangered in South Africa and every possible effort has to be made to save them!

After a small loop we found the same four Dogs on a mission, trotting down the road, no doubt on the trail of something to hunt and it was good to see the injured dog leading the pack and looking in good shape, except for the fresh wound!

We then found a large male Sable Antelope, but he was quite skittish and didn't hang around for long.

Not long after we found a breeding herd of Elephant with a few very young calves as well as a bull in full musth following the herd very closely, a few meters from the elephant was 4 Giraffe, including a 5 month old calf, very inquisitive, standing in the road having a very good look at us.

The next highlight came when passing one of the large granite outcrops in the area, when we spotted a large male Lion on top of the hill, outlined against the clear blue sky. On closer inspection there turned out to be 2 Males, the other just slightly younger. They were surveying the world below them very closely and seemed quite comfortable and very regal where they lay, keeping an eye on proceedings.

Below the hill was another Elephant and 3 Buffalo bulls, making it 3 of the Big 5 at one sighting, certainly not an everyday occurrence!

This brought the end to a short and very sweet Game drive as it was then time for

Breakfast and check out before moving on to a new camp for the next 3 days.

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