Monday, February 8, 2016

On Safari With Amanda from 5-7 February 2016

5 February 2016

A new safari and new guests, Stephen and Emily from America, ready for an African experience! 

We met at phabeni gate and drove for a few hours to nkambeni, our home for the next 2 nights.

Along the way we encountered a lovely herd of buffalo, the effects of the drought evident in their condition. We came across a small herd of Elephants drinking from the reservoir tank, the smaller ones too short to reach, but still they tried. Joining them at the waterhole came a bull Rhino... the elephants spotted him and some young ones charged him but he wasn't phased by them and continued drinking!

On arrival at camp my guests had a quick refresh and then headed off on a sunset drive where they found rhinos and elephants again!

6 February 2016

Today we had a lovely breakfast and then set off for our first morning drive. 

We missed a leopard by minutes, but that's how it goes they see us before we see them! 

Not far from the missed leopard we came across 4 wild dogs.. lying in the road, they were not in the best condition but very alert watching the impalas from a distance.

We stayed with them until we lost visual of them and headed off to skukuza for lunch. Lots of zebras and a beautiful giraffe drinking at a waterhole...amazing to watch how he carefully lowers himself to the water, red billed oxpeckers all around him picking off his unwanted guests!.

The heat was building up so we set for camp. European rollers, tawny eagles and of course the Woodlands kingfishers were seen on the roadside. 

Back at camp I suggested my guests relax by the pool, as they enjoyed the pool I noticed the kudu standing staring at something in the bush, they did so for 10/15 mins then moved off, 2 minutes later the leopard walked along the path in front of the guests giving them their first encounter with the elusive leopard! 

Until tomorrow. ..another great day in the Kruger.

7 February 2016

A change of camps today for Steven and Emily who are thoroughly enjoying their safari. 

An early morning drive rewarded us with the four same wild dogs lying flat on the rocks close by to pretoriuoskop camp. They lay for at least half an hour before heading off into the distance. 

Lovely elephants and then we decided to do a loop around shabeni koppies not more than 10 minutes drive we came across 2 very handsome Sable Antelope, always a pleasure to find and they happily allowed us to watch as they ate!

Back to camp and a lovely overcast afternoon ahead of us for a late drive.

We drove around chatting and talking about animals when there in front of us was a huge bull musth walking with a purpose towards us and he was not going to stop or move! So we reversed for at least a kilometer to allow him space to reach his destination. We watched as he turned into the bush and then we were allowed to carry on.

klipspringers on the koppies and lots of impala on the way home. 

Another relaxed day in the park and tomorrow is another day!

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