Friday, February 19, 2016

On Safari With Amanda From 17 February 2016

17 February 2016

My new guests Ashliegh and Patrick arrived to a hot, humid overcast day in the Kruger.

After a freshen up they headed off on a sunset drive where they came across Elephants, Buffalo and 5 meters from the road...a lovely Cheetah! 

18 February 2016

Today was a fantastic day in the park! After a filling breakfast and a good night's sleep we headed off. 

Today was cloudy but incredibly humid. We headed to manugu koppies and came across very fresh Lion tracks, we spent time following the tracks and could see they headed off into the bush so we continued and found a family of 3 klipspringers enjoy the view!

An update came in of Leopards at flat rocks so we drove off and lazing on the rocks was a young male leopard and his sister was in the tree close by, we sat and watched as the female negotiated the best branches to use to get down, quite comical to watch!.

These Leopards were born at flat rocks and their mother has now mated again as they were born in 2014, so they keep returning to their birthplace waiting for their mother, they are catching a few dwarf mongoose while they are waiting but will eventually realize she's not coming back.

Beautiful Walbergs Eagle, lilac and European rollers were spotted.

After lunch we left for a drive. We headed for shithave dam, en route we saw a big herd of Elephants heading that way so we drove off to meet them. The buffalo were also resting by the dam and took no notice of the elephants as they rushed off to the water...we watched for over an hour as they rolled in the water drank urgently and generally enjoyed the water, beautiful to see.

On our last leg back we watched a Zebra as it rolled in the dust a few times until it joined the rest of the herd.

All in all another fantastic day in the park!

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