Friday, February 12, 2016

On Safari With Amanda From 10 February 2016

10 February 2016

Two lovely new guests arrived from Germany today, Natalie and Achim.

We arrived in the park mid afternoon, got our permits and headed out, no expectations just a nice relaxing drive ahead.

We drove slowly absorbing the sights and sounds of the bush.

We drove past the picnic spot at pretoriuoskop and there was a lovely bull Elephant chomping away. Further down we saw zebras and sat for a while watching the vervet monkeys frolicking around.

Heading towards pk flat rocks...more elephants always lovely to see! As we drove around the loop, not 3 meters from us was the young female leopard in a silver cluster leaf tree.. amazing.

we sat with her and watched her climb down and cross the rocks where she stayed then moved off into the bushes..

A fantastic start for my guests!

11 February 2016

Early departure on our second day. Driving towards skukuza we saw lovely European rollers along the roadside, we went to shithave dam and there was a big hippo in the water every now and then coming up for a look. 

Breakfast at skukuza and a wander around the shops then we headed back to camp.

On our way an update of another leopard in a tree with an impala kill...and there he was lying exhausted, legs either side of the branch, and beautiful sight.

On our way home we did a quick loop again to see if the female leopard was there, and there she lay not at all bothered by our presence. 

After lunch a quick drive around manugu koppies.. with the golden hour approaching the light was perfect as we watched 3 bull elephants wandering down the road, we had to reverse, they were very relaxed and all walked past us as if we were invisible! 

Manugu koppies looked beautiful with the sun glowing and we headed around for a photo shoot.

Last koppie of the day before gate closing, we sit and marvel at the view, just relaxing and chatting and then drive slowly down the hill, Achim whispers" another leopard in the tree" there lay another leopard!!

Leopards don't like our presence and he soon stretched and climbed down disappearing into the distance.

Another amazing day in the most amazing place on earth!

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