Monday, January 18, 2016

On safari With Mark From 15 January 2016

15 January 2016

Today we decided to take a ride east to Lower Sabie for breakfast and very happy we did on both going there and our return we had phenomenal sightings of general game as well as a male lion that walked out of the bush right next to our car and then preceded to scent mark his territory.

Our second highlight for the trip was a Nile croc taking a cat fish basically on the edge of sunset dam and approximately 3m from our car. Amazing to see the speed this animal can work to take a fish. With. Couple of bites, it was all gone and the only sign of any activity in the area was the ripples in the water.

Our afternoon was also successful as we found our third leopard for the safari lying in a marola tree 10m from the road. We spent approximately 1:15hrs with the cat hoping it would climb out. Unfortunately we didn't get to see it as it was time to head back to camp while the animal stayed in the tree. Still great to have spent so much time with the beautiful cat.

16 January 2016

This morning we headed out to find a cheetah, however didn't find one. We did get a pack of wild dogs though and all guests got to see them in action as they looked around for something to hunt. After picking up on a herd of Impala, they set off and we lost sight of these fantastic predators.

Guests happy we headed back to camp as they wanted some time off to enjoy the lodge and comfortable accommodation for the afternoon until the set out on the sundown drive.

The guests enjoyed the sundown drive, with a massive elephant bull in musth very close to the car. General game was spotted though out the drive and guests seemed so happy with the sightings that everyone requested to have a relaxing morning with a late breakfast/short drive and then onto JHB so that they could fly back home.

17 January 2016

After enjoying a laid back breakfast it was time to set out in our planned short drive and although many animals were spotted, what was funny was the last 2 sightings for my clients was exactly what the first 2 sightings were. That being a herd of elephant and another herd of buffalo.

With the elephants waving goodbye with their supper sized ears it was off back to JHB and time for me to say goodbye.

Great to have met such fantastic people and glad they could see so much on the 5 day safari.

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