Tuesday, December 29, 2015

On safari With Karen 28 December 2015

28 December 2015

On our last day of this safari we had only a few hours left to find our eluded leopard.

So far we had heard of sightings but every time the leopard had decided to show herself to someone else and not at us. Unfortunately today was also one of those days, as we received a call about a leopard being sighted, but upon arrival the cat had disappeared in a block full of thick shrubbery. We tried our best, and undoubtedly the cat has seen us, we couldn't find it.

But not to worry as the bush has plenty else to offer. We had many great sightings of buffalo today, thought we saw a giraffe but that turned out to be a tree, had zebras up close to the vehicle, saw a common grey duiker standing still long enough to get a picture, enjoyed the impala babies and last but not least, we enjoyed the scenery.

After breakfast though it was time to load up the bags and we were off to the airport where the guests would board a plane to explore Cape Town.

I would like to thank Peter, Sean, Ronny, Ricky, Rolf and Heidi for joining me on this safari. It was great fun having you and I hope you enjoy Cape Town just as much!

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