Monday, December 28, 2015

On Safari With Amanda From 26 December 2015

26 December 2015

Christmas in the Kruger, there's no better place to spend the festivities!

Two lovely new guests travelling all the way from Korea arrived full of excitement and ready for the Kruger.

After a short breakfast we headed out towards skukuza. Fantastic elephants greeted us slowly crossing the road eating along the way. Lots of beautiful birds enjoying the coolness of the morning, levailants cookoo, lilac breasted rollers, bee eaters, white storks and a few tawny eagles.

We drove towards delaporte waterhole as news came in of wild dogs, so we were expecting to see them and 1km before then out came a leopard crossing the road and walking into the bush...expect the unexpected as the saying goes!

On arrival at delaporte there must have been 15 wild dogs lazing watching impalas come to drink, a half attempt at hunting took place but it looked like the dogs had already eaten. 

We drove to skukuza and had a quick coffee and then straight to the 114 for 2 very handsome male lions. After sitting with them for half an hour we decided to turn back to see the wild dogs,1 was still visible patiently watching the impalas then, out of nowhere the whole pack charged out and charged at the impalas who quickly dispersed, another unsuccessful hunt but I'm sure they will be rewarded later today!

Lunch was calling so we headed back to camp as we got close lots of cars were in the road so I knew it could only be leopard....we slowly approached I saw him so did a quick u turn and we were the only car following him for 10 mins.. lucky us...patience is a virtue in the Kruger and anticipation of the animals behavior will help with the best of sightings!

Another fantastic day in the park. 

27 December 2015

Exciting start to the day for my guests they decided to do a bush walk early morning.

I watched them leave and not more than half an hour later I heard elephants trumpeting loudly close by camp.. I watched them and saw 3 of them running fast downhill and then heading towards the same tree over and over bashing it and calling loudly. After half and hour they disappeared at great speed! I greeted my guests when they returned full of excitement telling me how they were close to the elephants on foot whilst they were bashing the trees, they mentioned that they saw fresh leopard tracks just before the elephants so we all wondered if there was a leopard around bothering the elephants? !

After breakfast we did a very relaxing drive and went to mestle dam where we sat for over an hour watching elephants in the water Cooling off.

Again we had lovely bee eaters lilac breasted rollers and red billed oxpeckers along the way.

Our afternoon drive was filled with spectacular scenery as the sun was setting changing everything to a lovely golden colour...beautiful. 

As we head off to bed there's a report of a leopard that has been spotted close to camp...maybe tomorrow we can find another elusive leopard! 

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