Tuesday, December 29, 2015

On Safari With Amanda 28 December 2015

28 December 2015

Last day for my lovely Korean guests! We decided on a drive to shithave dam to watch some birds and just enjoy the scenery.

We headed towards pretoriouskop and literally 5mins on the road we spotted something moving in a bush.. I assumed it was a bird as the visual wasn't great but on closer inspection we saw it was in fact a leopard!! We watched it wander along the verge and eventually it crossed the road very close to us where of course it disappeared far into the bush.. totally amazing.

After our leopard we drove slowly to the dam coming across zebras and beautiful giraffe. 

At the dam we watch two fish eagles hunt (unsuccessfully ) and then to our surprise running straight for us heading to the water came a huge elephant. He stopped meters in front of us and stared at us before he went to drink lots of water.

Exhilarating to see such a majestic mammal so close.

On our journey to the gate we saw a bataluer eagle eating a small bird on the road being hassled by a yellow billed kite.

And so another amazing safari with wonderful guests comes to a close with lots of happy memories for my guests...until next time. 

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