Wednesday, November 11, 2015

On Safari With Robbie 9 - 10 November 2015

9 November 2015

Dave and Chris 2 enthusiasts from England have shown that with putting a little bit more into anything ... Will provide just rewards!!!

On our arrival at Pretoriouskop camp they decided to additionally book the late night drive where they spotted Eagle Owls, Hippo, Elephant, Impala and kudu as well as the Majestic Sable Antelope! A large Boomslang snake was also seen on the road!!!

10 November 2015

Today was a day where if one is interested in statistics then take note :  We saw the "Top 8" in 3hrs 28 min and all were quality sightings!!!

Not only did we achieve this ... But we saw 2 or more of each species at each sighting!!

W.Rhino ...Elephant.... Buffalo... Cheetah (2) ... Spotted Hyaena (2) ... Leopard (2) ... Lion (2) ... African Wild dog (9) !!!

Concentrating on small species as well we got Steenbok, Leopard Tortoise, Grey Duiker, Blue headed tree agama and rainbow skink!

Not to mention Giraffe, Waterbuck and Zebra!!!

On returning from Skukuza to Pretoriouskop we saw 4/5 with a magnificent sighting of a male leopard snoozing in the shade on a rock!!

It was a day for the record books and for England!!

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