Wednesday, November 18, 2015

On Safari With Robbie 16 and 17 November 2015

16-17 November 2015

On a safari like this it can be rather difficult to satisfy clients needs due to the short time on Safari but yet again the species came out to play and although Cats were scarce we saw fantastic sightings of 22 Mammals and 32 Bird species!!

The highlight species shine through with 4 different Hyena clans and 2 Wild dog sightings!!!

The Hyena in particular were unreal with adult interaction / Cubs suckling and clans resting close !

The sightings definitely eliminated the misconception that this unique carnivores lion king star is not " all bad " but a 10/10 Kruger Super Predator!!!

We wish John and family and Doug a great visit to Soweto and a safe flight home to Colaraso USA!

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