Monday, November 9, 2015

On Safari With Gert From 6 November 2015

6 November 2015

Today was another one filled with special and some new sightings.

On our morning drive we started off along the river and had our first encounter with a troop of baboons, including many youngsters, never failing to entertain with their antics!

After breakfast we stopped at a nearby waterhole, where we watched a herd of Impala cautiously approaching the crocodile infested water. There was a few nervous moments, but eventually all the Impala had their drink and wandered off unscathed.

After many more amazing sightings, including the half-eaten Impala remains of a leopard-kill in a tree and dozing lions, we stopped back at camp for lunch and an afternoon break.

Our late-afternoon drive truly was one to remember as we had our first sighting of Wild dogs and although they were mostly sleeping, every now and then one would lift a head and some did get up to move to a more comfortable spot. The highlight of the day, however was when a young Spotted hyena came out from their den under the road! I was pleasantly surprised to see that den active. 2 Adult females came walking out of the bush and 5 more young, 3-4 months old came out the den! We watched them playing, scent marking and suckling until it was time for us to go - leaving them to their nocturnal adventures...

7 November 2015

Rising bright and early on our final morning on safari, we loaded up and set off on the last drive.

Early morning is when the birds are at their most vocal and we watched (and heard) a Red-crested Korhaan making his very loud call right next to our vehicle.

We then stopped at a waterhole with a congregation of several herds of Impala coming to drink simultaneously together with Waterbuck, Zebra and White Rhino.

Shortly before breakfast, we encountered a lone Spotted hyena on the side of the road, sniffing the air and looking around very excitedly, looking unsure about where it needed to go but eventually choosing a direction and setting off into the bush.

A leisurely breakfast spent recapping a memorable week concluded our Safari.

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