Wednesday, October 7, 2015

On Safari With Mark 1 October 2015 – 4 October 2015

So many special sightings over the past couple of days that it's hard to single out specifics.
A highlight for us on the safari was our first Leopard sight in just out of shingwetzi on our way south. Fantastic to watch a female in a dry riverbed walk parallel with the road. As we followed her, we got great photos as she presented herself with clear visuals while she carried on with her daily activity.
Our following day seemed a lot quieter as the temperatures plummeted and the wind picked up. Unusual to have such a variance in weather temperature must of had a impact on the game viewing. None the less we had a great time spotting different bird species as well as some interesting roads could be travelled that hadn't been travelled before. This did help add another specie to our ever growing list as we got a short but great glimpse of a honey Badger. This improved on our PM drive as we spotted a second little guy very busy digging approximately 5m from our car. After he realized nothing was in the hole, he simply gave us a short stare and off he headed on his quest for food.
Once again on our way and just before the Olifants river we spotted another of our leopard highlights, this time a young female sitting in a lead wood gazing out towards the east. After spotting a steenbok, she was down and out in front of us crossing over the road and into what could of been a successful hunt. We wouldn't know as she moved off out of sight.
On our Pm drive and as we returned towards Satara we found a massive Male leopard lying in the short grass watching the afternoon traffic return to camp. After guests got some rather difficult photos due to poor light we entered camp with a certain satisfaction that we had achieved great sightings for the day. This continued though as we sat and enjoyed a sundown drink together while watching the resident Honey Badger do his daily rounds.
Once it was total dark out popped the African wild cat and photos could be taken of this beautiful animal up close and very relaxed with its surroundings
On our AM drive this morning, we decided to travel a road less traveled and enjoyed every minute of it as very few cars came our way. Brilliant Journeys of giraffe and herds of buffalo were spotted and time could be spent with each all on our own. As we once returned towards camp for our late morning breakfast so we were graced with a lioness walking parallel with the road and once again we positioned the vehicle so best photos could be taken. Great condition and wonderful sighting.
Overall, great animal sighting have been experienced with the general feeling of achievement and gratification towards all the animals that have come our way.
Let's see what our next journey provides as one Safari Statement I've come to learn from my Pax is is what it is........ (No expectations). Great to have people on board that are happy with anything nature provides from a Spoor to Lion

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