Friday, September 25, 2015

On Safari With Karen 23/24 September 2015

23 September 2015

It can rain, it can shine in the Lowveld. Unfortunately the newly arrived guests experienced the first on their sundowner safari. Clouds started forming already when they climbed onto the safari vehicle. They therefor already had no sunset with their drinks, but even worse, just after their drinks stop it came pummeling down. The drive was therefor cut short as besides the guests getting soaking wet, the animals had found a safe haven out of sight and away from the rain.

24 September 2015

Except for the humidity their was no evidence left in the sky of yesterday's storm as all was blue and sunny. We left after breakfast and got some pretty good sightings today. 

Our highlight was seeing a herd of elephants up close, munching their way through the fresh green leaves. With their trunk they would wrap around a branch and pull off all the nice green bits to eat. Eventually they even crossed in front of us so we had a good look at them. In the afternoon we were joined by 4 more guests and it was nice to once again encounter elephants close by. 

Later we also found another highlight as it was our first predator, and for everyone to enjoy too: a leopard. She was resting after a hot day, but very interested in the amount of people coming by to look at her. She was very relaxed and even though she was in between some bushes and tall grass, we got a good look at her. Especially since she looked at us directly multiple times. 

Other animals seen: lots of impalas, mating tree squirrels (yup, spring is in the air!), waterbucks, kudus, a steenbok, giraffes, white rhinos, zebras, warthogs, a tree agama, hippos playing, dwarf mongooses, common grey duikers, lots of buffalos, sable antelopes, vervet monkeys, a water monitor crossing and crocodiles sunning. 

Birds included a sighting of 6 rare ground hornbills, lilac breasted rollers, cape glossy starlings, an African fish eagle, Egyptian geese, an African jacana, bataleurs, tawny eagles making babies (told you, spring is in the air!), white-backed vultures, fork-tailed drongos, dark-capped bulbuls, a sub-adult martial eagle and an African hoopoe. 

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