Tuesday, September 22, 2015

On safari With Gert 21 September 2015

21 September 2015

Today started off cold, foggy and drizzly, not pleasant conditions, but perfect for predator activity.

The first hour or so was rather cold and we didn’t see many animals out and about.

That all changed, however, when we saw a cheetah walking adjacent to the road about 30 meters in. We then saw another and another and they changed direction, heading back on to the road! We were treated to a very special sighting of these 3 males as they were quite relaxed, but constantly busy, marking territory, jumping on termite mounds for a better view or chasing each other around. We spent at least half an hour with them, following them down the road and observing their antics.

We then responded to a report of Wild Dogs, which Curtis was generous enough to tell us about. At first the dogs were lazily dozing about 5 meters of the road. After the sun came out they moved into a shady spot and we let them be until the late afternoon. At around 17:00 it was time for the wild dogs to start moving around and we were lucky enough to find them trotting down the road, definitely looking to catch something. A nearby impala herd made themselves scarce very quickly, while many dwarf mongoose were scuttling for their burrows, narrowly escaping the dogs' jaws. Again, we spent about half an hour with them until losing sight after they set off into the bush. A truly memorable day spent with Southern Africa's 2 most endangered carnivores! 

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