Monday, August 17, 2015

On safari With Karen 14 August 2015

14 August 2015

Yesterday was an average day, this morning there were so many highlights, I don't know where to start. Maybe it was seeing the reedbucks for the first time for these guests, or seeing a sable bull for the third day in a row, or seeing elephants 10m past leaving the camp gate. Or the buffalos that crossed the road in front of us shortly after. Or the two white rhinos we saw close to the road. Or the impressive kudu bull we came across being smart and trying to bend down bushes with his horns so he could eat the leaves. 

Or seeing wild dogs coming onto the road right in front of us! At first there were two, then four and then two more joined. One decided to have a poo right in front of us (really? did he have to do it there? I mean REALLY?) and then they ambled around a bit. Then they decided to have a lie down right behind us in the shade of the vehicle. We watched them hang around for about 10 min and then as if on cue they got back up and walked back into the bush. It sure did look like they were on a mission!

Or was it seeing a cheetah, the first of this safari? Well, yes, this was the highlight of the trip! We were told by some kind people that there were two adult cheetah and 6 cubs that had walked down the road and were now in the grass somewhere.

Disappointed we thought we missed it. But then suddenly one adult comes back on the road chasing a kudu! The kudu got away but following the cheetah we knew where she had stashed her cubs. We scouted through binoculars and did see one of the cubs, but the rest was too well hidden in the tall grass and trees. However what made this sighting so great was a second attempt to hunt! The two adult cheetahs actually teamed up. One chased a steenbok and then the other tried to cut it off from the side. With a big leap of the steenbok and the cheetah they all disappeared behind the bush! We thought they had made it but a minute later the cheetahs come back out of breath but preyless. Guess the steenbok made it after all, but what an adrenaline rush!!

In Nelspruit it was time to say goodbye to my last remaining two guests of this week full of safaris. We had many highlights, some lowlights and some periods of quiet, but I hope everyone enjoyed their part of this safari! Thanks a lot for joining us and safe journeys onwards to Jimmy and Jessica, Alex and Chen, Alex, Steve, Cassie and Sunil and Julie!

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