Thursday, August 20, 2015

Day Safari With Mark 18 August 2015

18 August 2015

So today we set out for the day with the Volunteers from Care For Wild. This proved to be a great day and as all the pax were passionate about the bush it even added to the day. Many different questions from the ladies kept the day interesting.

Rob called me and let me know that Wild dog were spotted in the area and we should be on the look out. This was good cause as we came around the corner we found them running towards us. Later at the sighting 2 cheetah arrived a female with a sub adult cub. They lay on the termite mound while the dogs moved towards them and once again back on the road and away from them again. Would of been interesting to see the interaction between dogs and cat.

We got word of a possible leopard sighting and responded as it was unusual to hear that there were 3 together. On our way there we bumped ourselves into a lioness and her cubs lying on the side of the road.

On our arrival at the leopard we saw the hyena chase the female up into the tree and as she lay and snarled so the hyena moved off into the bush. Out popes the sub adult leopards and moved across the road in front of us.

Crazy times ahead with brilliant sights of buffalo and elephant before we stopped at skukuza for a leg stretch. Magnificent 7 done before 09:30 WOW was the day.

General animals seen: Impala, waterbuck, kudu, steenbok, common duiker, rheedbuck, mongoose, baboon, monkeys, warthog, giraffe, Nyla's, bushbuck, more lion, rhino, hippo, crocodiles and zebra

What a great day and ending on a highlight of a crash of Rhino right next to the car.

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