Monday, June 29, 2015

On Safari With Curtis

27 June 2015

A new tour and once checked in the guests were off out on their sunset drive. Sometimes these drives can be relatively quiet but not tonight's.

I think all the guests would agree that their highlight was the sighting of two male lions which were lying right next to the road.

They were also spoilt with a great sighting of the rare wild dog, white rhino, zebra, hippo and kudu.

28 June 2015

This morning we hoped to add to last nights great start!!!

Our first highlight was a herd of six elephants close to the road. The first Ellie's of this tour and we ended up spending nearly an hour with them. They were close to the road and they then gathered around an old fallen Marula tree which was interesting them. Maybe curious of all the smells of the other elephants which had pushed the tree over a couple of weeks ago.

Our second highlight was a lovely herd of buffalo which we found. As we drove closer we found buffalo on both side of us and crossing over the road in front. Again lovely just to sit and watch and listen as the herd went about their day.

Other animals seen were lots of rhino sightings, giraffes, kudu, waterbuck, zebra, Impala, klipspringer, common duiker, steenbok, hippo, hyena and crocodile.

Birds including lilac breasted roller, red billed Oxpecker, cape glossy starling, African jacana and grey heron.

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