Monday, April 13, 2015

On Safari With Curtis 12 April 2015

12 April 2015

This morning we had an early start, as always, giving us as much time as possible searching for the many different species. We had a very enjoyable and rewarding drive with lots of great sightings.

Our first highlight was an elephant sighting where we came upon two bulls. One wasn't interested in us and carried on feeding. The other made his way to us and crossed over the road fifteen meters in front of us.

Once on the other side he turned and slowly walked towards our vehicle until he was standing right next to us. He then turned, had a look at us raised his trunk to have a smell and then decided to carry on feeding. It's always a great experience having the giant of the bush standing just a couple of meters from the car.

Although my guests had a slightly increased heart rate all was good!!!

Our second sighting was a lovely surprise as we drove down the road.

We had been told about a cheetah sighting early in the morning but we were too far to go there at the time so after breakfast we headed along the road to the sighting in the hope it was still there.

Unfortunately by this time the animal had moved and so disappointed we carried on.

Disappointment turned to joy as a short distance down the road we turned a corner and found a different cheetah walking down the road towards us. Now this cheetah is well known for his antics and today was no different as first he started to spray a nearby marula tree before doing what he does best and that's jumping up into the tree.

He stood and posed for ten minutes before jumping down and moving away.

An amazing sighting of an beautiful feline!!!

Throughout the day we had more great sightings including lots of impala, kudu, waterbuck, a hippo and crocodile lying next to each other, giraffe, steenbok, zebra,  wildebeest, duiker, leopard, African wild dog, buffalo, rhino and leopard tortoise.

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