Monday, March 30, 2015

On Safari With Robbie 27 - 29 March 2015

27 March 2015

My 2 American guests arrived today and went straight on their sunset drive ..... It was rather quiet but some good sightings of general game were seen!

28 March 2015

Today turned out to be a freak day where we saw on not more than 2 occasions ...

Leopard , lion , spotted hyena , Cheetah, Buffalo, Elephant and W.Rhino! With them all being magnificent sightings I would have to pick the male Cheetah seen at 11:06am to be the tops! This male initially seen on some flat rocks on the Albasini road suddenly came straight towards us and then walked parallel with us on the road for 3,3 km!

Not to mention that this special cat actually carefully chose 3 Marula trees to climb and basically stretched and claw marked each one! The sighting was ever so special once again because we were the only vehicle there!

Our Swedish guests who joined us for the afternoon were so incredibly lucky to see what they did in 3 hrs!!!!

29 March 2015

The last day for our 4 keen guests dawned with welcoming cool weather! We set out with the hope that we could spot the rare wild dog to complete the "magnificent 7".

Knowing this was going to be a tough call in the time we had we were however optimistically positive as these guests had already seen species beyond their wildest dreams!

Sure as nuts after s brief coffee break a wild dog location came through on the radio!

On arriving at the scene we were soon to learn that this was going to be the sighting of the trip!

The wild dog repetitively tried to snatch 2 Buffalo calves from a rather large and aggressive herd!

There were 15 adult dogs in total so they had numbers but were no match for the large female Buffs charging at them continuously!

This happened in the open and lasted 45 minutes!
The magnificent 7 had been achieved and for 2 particular guests in 4 hours of game viewing! A total rarity in itself!

To top it all on our way out we got a mating pair of lion!

It had been a safari that one could talk about for years! Most importantly fun was had and friendships were made too!!!!!

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