Tuesday, March 10, 2015

On Safari With Karen 9 March 2015

9 March 2015
Another first day of safaris and once we got to the park we were all excited. We saw already many animals to start with, like impalas, a beautiful kudu bull, a tawny eagle flying away right next to us, zebras, European roller, hippos, buffalos, white-breasted cormorants, vervet monkeys, water thickknees, blacksmith lapwings and dwarf mongooses.
But our highlights were at the end of the drive. First we saw an impala run across the road, and then it was followed by a running wild dog. But wild dogs usually don't hunt alone, so we stopped and waited. Suddenly we saw a different one on the other side of the road, but it was trotting in the other direction. It was definitely a different one as you can tell wild dogs apart by the white bit on their tail. Then it was quiet for a long time. We didn't hear an impala in trouble either, so supposedly she got away.
We continued our drive but after a while when we had just turned onto the tar road, out of the high grass jumped a wild dog! This time he lingered around and out came three more. But they were obviously waiting for the rest of the clan and they stood expectantly and two even lied down. We heard the grass rustle and tried to pinpoint where they would appear. Then out of the grass came more wild dogs. In total we saw nine of them greeting each other and reaffirming their bond. After a short break, off they went again, passing our vehicle. It was our cue to head for our lodge as time was running out.
But before we got to our lodge we were stopped by an elephant, standing in the middle of camp road. As these road blocks are difficult to push aside we turned off our engine and waited for the elephant to move. But once he did, another one showed up. And another one. And even a fourth one! Well, we had no chance to be on time this way, so we just enjoyed the sighting! Until we saw no more elephant.
We just knew they must be there as we heard branches break and saw trees move. We drove by and finally this time we made it to the lodge.
And last but not least: my personal highlight is the sound of the territorial call of the hyena I am hearing right now while typing this update

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