Tuesday, March 31, 2015

On Safari With Curtis From 29 March 2015

29 March 2015

So today was the start of a new tour and not much for me too do as straight away the guests went out on their sundowner drive. A chance to take a first relaxing drive, watch a sunset with a glass of amarula and try and find some animals using the spotlight. Lots of general game was seen last night including hippo, giraffe and zebra.

30 March 2015

This morning after a spot of breakfast we set out eager to add to last nights start.

And add we did!!!

The highlight of the day was at transport dam. When we arrived there we found plenty of action going on with herds of zebra and waterbuck by the water. We then saw two female lions walk out from the tall grass immediately setting the alarm calls off from waterbuck. We watched for about ten minutes before the lionesses chose a nice shady tree to settle down underneath. As we watched them the waterbuck and zebra moved away to be replaced by impala and blue wildebeest, both keeping a respectable distance from the carnivores. At the dam we also had a pod of hippo, a lone crocodile swimming across the dam and plenty of birdlife.

During the rest of the morning we also found a trio of cheetahs, elephant, kudu, vervets and giraffe.

Our second highlight happened in the afternoon. An afternoon which started off very quietly and was rescued by a wonderful sighting of a leopard. We found him sitting just ten meters from the road lying on a branch of a marula tree. He hung around for about fifteen minutes every now and again changing position before he decided to climb down and cross the road in front of us and disappear from sight.

A great end to a very good day!!!

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