Wednesday, February 11, 2015

On Safari With Robbie from 7 February 2015

7 February 2015

We arrived in Kruger at 3pm and traveled around the Pretoriuskop area before heading to camp. We spotted numerous herds of elephant, a lone buffalo bull, kudu, impala, baboons, vervet monkeys and lots of giraffe!

8 February 2015

This mornings drive brought an abundance of Zebra, elephant and buffalo sightings as well as a bataleur eagle taking a dwarf mongoose off the road in front of us!

The afternoon drive started out with relatively good visuals of Giraffe , Elephant and then a classic herd of Buffalo moving at a pace, swiftly across the road and then disappearing almost with out visual into thick bush!

Later on we came across 2 distant but beautiful male Lions, which were intermittently dozing in a tiny amount of shade at 3pm in the day!

Approaching sundown our best sighting of the trip occurred when I spotted a male Leopard crossing the road! Thinking it had disappeared we were surprised to see that once it had crossed the road it had decided to lie down and clean its paws 1m off the road! It was truly a majestic male which suddenly became mobile next to us for about a km and then lay down again ! It was a fantastic sighting!

To end off the day we got a super white Rhino that completed our big 5 sightings.

9 February 2015

Todays extreme conditions made it difficult for us however we did manage to spot elephant, buffalo and white rhino.

We saw 33 new bird species and watched a dung beetle roll dung for over 20 minutes! The smaller sightings enthused my guests which was awesome! We exit camp early tomorrow!

10 February 2015

On this morning I couldn’t have asked for better. We found the 2 mammals we were looking for. Namely Cheetah and Hyena! The Cheetah was out of this world as we followed them on the hunt for 2km ! Initially there were only 2 but they called the other one! It was an amazing  moment seeing the called Cheetah coming down the road towards us and then greeting his brothers in a happy frenzy! We watched these 3 spectacular cats for 1 hour ... Playing , grooming and then taking a rest on a termite mound!

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