Tuesday, February 10, 2015

On safari With Karen: 9 February 2015

9 February 2015

Today was already the last day of this tour. We started off with a really quiet morning and were happy with sightings of red-collared widowbird, lilac-breasted roller, European roller, magpie shrike, guineafowls and plenty of other birds to keep us interested in nature. Especially since the guests were really into the birds, it was a good drive even with the mammals being scarce.

After our quick break we definitely had a highlight of a massive group of impalas, wildebeest and zebras as well as a lone kori bustard walking by at the same time.

The favorite animal of one of my guests was a zebra, so he had the time of his life when two babies in the group were drinking from the mother. It was also a great sighting to see them together as well as seeing wildebeest since that was a new mammal for us.

Other interesting sightings: elephants, white rhino, herd of buffalo, giraffe, plenty more zebras, steenbok, kudus, common grey duikers, Schmeichel's blind snake, and another new animal: tree squirrels eating the marula nuts from elephant dung.

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